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Monday, 23 May 2011

Calclus With Analytical Geometry - S.M Yousaf - Ebook

Calclus With Analytical Geometry
Author: S.M Yosaf ,Muhammad Amin
Edition : Seventh
Published By: Ilmi Kitab Khana
Composed By: Khurshid Composing
Format: PDF File Format
In the present edition a few topics has been incorporated. Some material has been rearranged. Motional changes have aslo been made. The book is being presented in a nre format for which the publishers deserve our deep gratitude and appreciation.
Table Of Contents:
1)  Real Numbers, Limits And Continuity
2) The Derivative
3) General Theorems, Indeterminate Forms
4) Techniques of Integration
5) The Definite Integral
6) Plane Curves 1
7) Plane Curves 2
8) Analytic Geometry Of Three Dimensions
9) Functions Of Several Variables
10) Mutiple Integrals